Stowers Mission Statement and the International Baccalaurete Pledge


Stowers Mission Statement

At Stowers our focus is to develop a strong academic foundation in each of our students based on inquiry, depth of knowledge, and a passion for learning.   As a Magnet School of International Studies, we agree to help students learn and practice the learner profile and attitudes. We will give students the opportunity to learn how to become lifelong learners, allow them to express themselves, be supportive of their ideas, and give them a global education where they develop empathy, understanding, and caring towards others.


I.B. School Pledge

We as an I.B. School, promise to foster inquiry, embrace global citizenship and encourage empathy towards all.

We do this in a way that allows to inquire and understand others through their language, culture, and points of view.

We will live by the learner profile so that we will proudly represent ourselves as part of the I.B. Organization.