Principal's Writing Challenge

Every month our Principal will give you a topic to write about, please complete this challenge by Friday and turn it into the office.

February’s Principal’s Writing Challenge
Topic: Valentine’s Day Means…
THE RULES HAVE CHANGED! Using informative writing tell me what Valentine’s Day means to you. All Writing Challenge papers must include your first and last name and your teacher’s name. They are due to the office by lunch time on Friday, March 2, 2018.
-Kindergarten and First grade pictures and words are acceptable along with a Title. Remember a well written story has a beginning, middle and ending. You must stay on topic and include details to describe what Valentine’s Day means to you.
-2nd and 3rd graders produce a well-written informational article that has a clear main idea, is well-organized and stays on the topic, has an introduction, a conclusion, and linking words, and uses details to support your main idea. Remember to follow rules of writing (spelling, punctuation, and grammar).
-4th-6th graders produce a well-written narrative that has a clear main idea and clear sequence of events, is well-organized and has a point of view, uses details , uses a variety of transitional words and phrases, uses clear and precise language, and provides a conclusion. Remember to follows rules of writing (spelling, punctuation, and grammar usage).
Good Luck and good writing.